Thursday, October 16, 2008

Lie lie lie

Ok what song is this title referencing?

So I think the scale is lying to me. Alot. In a mean way! Actually, in a double mean way! It tells me 175.4 lbs. If you're keeping track, last week it told me 171.8 lbs and I was well on my way to the 160's during the month of October. Today it also tells me 23% body fat. Last week it tells me 28% body fat. There's no way I lost that much body fat in a week. If you calculate it out, and I have, this means that even though I put on 3.6 lbs, I took off 7.8 lbs of fat. All of this might be great if it hadn't happened over the course of only 1 week. And so, I believe my scale is lying to me. And really all I see is the part where I gained 3.6 lbs. Yeah yeah, building muscle, blah blah. But come on, there's no way I'm putting on that much muscle nor that fast.

Anyhow. Motivation is low. Haven't been to the gym this week yet (but for good reason - concert out of town, 4 yr anniversary - on separate nights). The plan is to go tonight and also Saturday. Le sigh!

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carla said...

girl, Im back and nagging you to get back to blogging. now.



after thanksgiving??