Monday, December 1, 2008


Here I sit, injured for the 2nd time in...3 weeks I believe. The first time, I tried to lift my 235 lb boyfriend using a squat - I succeeded in lifting him. Unfortunately my form suffered and I strained my back. My back which already has a herniated disk. I was out of commission that whole week. Then yesterday, that same part of my back flared up again for no apparent reason. Only on the right side. Very odd.

So, haven't posted in awhile. Since I last posted, I have:
  • Gotten a Wii Fit
  • Thrown out the scale until the end of December
  • Become more diligent in the practicing of the 5x5 routine
  • Hurt my back twice
  • Performed my 5x5 workouts at home with my kettlebell when I was too lazy to go the gym (when my back wasn't in too bad of shape), rather than forego the workout altogether
  • Attempted some burpees - for fear of smashing my head in on the coffee table (limited workout space), I have given up on those and switched to jumping jacks to get my "indoor cardio"
Overall I'm feeling pretty good about myself. I really got into Wii Fit at first, it helped me make exercise a part of my day more often. It even encouraged me to go to the real gym. I haven't used it much lately but I plan on including it more.

It feels good to stick to my exercise schedule. And it feels even better after I do the workout. If only I could remember this, and have it be a strong enough influence, before the workout so that I would be more encouraged to do it.

I also think I'm working out my arms/upper body far too much in comparison with legs. The 5x5 workout actually makes a big deal out of including leg work, claiming that guys usually only want to do upper body workouts and they're missing out. But...all it really has is the squat for lower body. And the deadlift, which I've been too scared to try and have only done straight-legged deadlifts so far. And I'm not sure if it's lack of flexibility or injured back or what, but the lowest part of my back always pulls juuust a bit on those, in an uncomfortable way. Even though I also feel it in my legs. Also I feel like that is more of a stretch than a real...exercise, I guess. I've been adding in pliƩ squats and lunges when I remember to up the amount of leg workouts I do.

I have to say, I really feel like I'm not working my hamstrings and glutes sufficiently. I've been reading Starting Strength the last couple days, the first chapter on squats, and it indicates to me that if I go deep enough on my squats, only then will the hamstrings and glutes engage. And I have to say, after seeing myself and having others watch me do squats, I'm going low. I literally don't think it's possible for me to go lower. So I guess maybe I should make sure my back angle is steep enough, as the book also said that the hamstrings really need that pull where they connect at your lower back. I just really want to find a free weights way of working them out. When I did leg presses and...leg curls, I want to say, they felt like they were worked more. But I really want to stay off machines.

Also, as listed in my bullet points, I threw out the scale until the end of the month. I did this about 2 weeks ago. My problem is, I may feel like I've been making a good effort at both the quality and quantity of food I eat, I may have the best workout ever, I may even feel/see my clothes fitting more loosely - but if I get on that scale and there is no decrease (or worse, an increase, as there frequently is if one is weighing themselves everytime they step foot in the bathroom, as I do), it's all over. I feel like a loser. I feel sorry for myself. I decide who cares if I skip my workout or eat 2 helpings of food, clearly my efforts are for naught. And that's not really helpful, especially when I'm lifting such heavy weights. Stronglifts even says you can expect to gain a good deal of weight your first month. Hence throwing out the scale for a month. I may leave it out for even longer if I'm not really feeling like I'll have made enough progress to see a number on the scale that I enjoy. I was hoping to really hit my workouts harder during this scale-free time, but with the 2nd back injury on the way, that hasn't been going so well. Squatting with a 20 lb kettlebell at home is not the same as squatting 80 lbs at the gym and increasing that every time, nor does it allow me to work on my barbell squat form.

As some of you may know, oh loyal 3 readers of mine, I have been doing push ups now since it has been added to the 5x5 program. Let me tell you, I was pissed when this was added. I've never been able to do a full push up. I couldn't hardly even do a girl push up. I've been working on them diligently though, girl-style, and can now do about 20 before I max out on my first set. Not bad for not being able to do any a month ago! I still can't do a single real push up, though. I hope to be doing real ones by....let's say February. That gives me some time. I've also noticed a large increase in my core strength, most attributable to starting reverse crunches and planks (also due to 5x5, *shakes fist*). I used to shake like a dying car engine on planks, but now the shaking doesn't occur for the first 10-15 secs of each 30 sec hold.

And that, dear readers, has been what my fitness has been like the last couple of weeks. Today is supposed to be a gym day for weight training. But I can hardly get out of my chair right now, so guess I'll be scrapping that one. I hope to have some good news soon!

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never read starting strength!!

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(and yes. I. So. Jealous. of the wii fit)